Catawba Valley Harvest Association
Adopted 11-17-2013
Effective 1-1-2014

Article 1

The purpose of the association is to preserve and demonstrate antique harvesting equipment and harvesting methods educating citizens how harvesting was done in the past.

Article 2

Membership will be open to persons interested in the furthering the purpose of the association. There will be two classes of members;
active and junior. Members (other then Junior members) shall pay annual dues. Membership includes spouses.

2A. Active Members: Those members and that attend at least one forth of the meetings during the calendar year. Only these members will have voting privileges on policies of the association and elections.

2B. Junior Members: Those members that are under 18 years of age. Junior dues are not required to pay dues.

2C. Annual dues shall be decided by the active members. The dues will be payable before or on the first meeting of the calendar year and are not refundable. Dues paid later shall not be pro-rated.

2D. Members shall not gain monetarily from the association, but they may be reimbursed for any expenses incurred for the benefit of the association.

Article 3


3A. Meetings will be held when and where according to the decision of the active members.

3B. The fiscal year of the association shall be based on the calendar year.

3C. A quorum will consist of active members present after proper notification of the meeting has been made.

3D. Proper notification of the meetings shall be notice sent to active members via U.S. Mail or email or phone calls at least one week prior to the meeting.

3E. A quorum must be present to conduct business at meetings.

Article 4

Board of Directors

4A. There shall be 6 active members on the Board of Directors serving three year terms.

4B. The initial board will have 2 serving 3 years, 2 serving 2 years and 2 serving 1 year. Thereafter the Board Members shall be elected at the first meeting of active members each calendar year.

4C. The active members shall elect two new board members at the first meeting of each calendar year.

4D. Members of the Board after serving a complete term must be off the board one year before being eligible to be elected to the board again.

4E. In the event a board member may not fulfill his term, the remaining board members may elect an active member to complete the vacant position.

4F. The board members shall elect a chairman, vice-chair and secretary of the board.

4G. The chairman shall determine how often the board meets.

4H. The board will be responsible to see that the By-Laws are followed.

Article 5


5A. The officers of the association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.

5B. The President shall appoint a nominating committee for the purpose of nominating officers and the board members for election.

5C. The officers will be elected at the first meeting each calendar year of the active members.

5D. The officers will serve one year terms and may be re-elected.

5E. If any officers cannot fulfill his/her position between elections the Board of Directors will appoint someone to fill out the term.

Article 6

Duties of Officers:

6A. President: preside over all meetings.

6B. Vice President: presides over meetings in the absence of the president.

6C. Secretary: Keep accurate records of all meetings and keep records in a binder and electronically so they can be preserved, as long as the association exist. In the absence of the President and Vice President, preside over meetings.

6D. Treasurer: Receives income of the association and make timely deposits in the association bank account. Keep accurate records of income and expenses of the association. Make payments of any valid expenses of the association. Make financial reports at all meetings of active members. Preside over meetings in the absence of the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

6E. Historian: Preserve any information related to the association including pictures and other articles of importance.

Article 7

Rules of Procedure:

Roberts Rules of Orders will be used to address anything not addressed in the By-Laws and in conducting the business of the association.

Article 8

Amendments to the By-Laws:

The board must recommend amendments to the By-Laws. Active members may recommend to the Board amendments to the By-Laws. By-Laws may be changed at the first meeting of each calendar year by active members providing a quorum is present. A two-thirds vote must be obtained on order to amend the By-Laws.

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